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Man2Man Prostate Cancer Group

Men Speaking Out

The Man2Man Prostate Cancer Group was started by a group of prostate cancer patients, who were seeking answers that were not available in any formal setting.  Their search led to discovering that by sharing their stories and experiences, their support goals were being achieved.  Bonds were formed through encouragement and empathy, that opened the door to hope that seemed closed.  They organized their efforts to fill a void and became the voices and ears for men seeking information.   Their experiences as prostate cancer survivors were the keys to helping other men and their loved ones everywhere within reach.

With the help of medical professionals and advocates, they launched a program for greater discussions on the topic of prostate cancer.   Men “suffering in silence” had gone on far too long!  Man2Man’s goal is to break this cycle by providing life altering awareness about prostate cancer and to resources available for its’ management. 

Universal recommendations are for men to keep annual medical appointments and screenings, that follow prostate cancer testing guidelines, especially in high-risk populations of a family history of prostate cancer and men of African descent.  Early-stage prostate cancer usually has no symptoms, thus early detection through screening is key.  We encourage men to become familiar with informed decision-making when consulting their physicians.

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